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  Item name: dry ice Dry Ice
  Molecular formula: CO2
  Properties: dry ice is solid carbon dioxide at room temperature and pressure is 6 million 79 thousand and 800 kPa pressure, the carbon dioxide is condensed into a colorless liquid, and then rapidly under low pressure evaporation, it condenses into ice like solid material were pressed, the temperature is minus 78.5 degrees, which is the dry ice. Carbon dioxide naturally exists in the air. Although carbon dioxide is relatively small in the air (about 0.03% of the volume), it is one of the most important gases that people realize. Dry ice is volatile, sublimated to non-toxic, tasteless, 600-800 times larger than the solid volume of carbon dioxide gas, so dry ice can not be stored in a good sealing performance, smaller volume of the container, it is easy to explode. It's safe to leave dry ice in a good air flow and release the gas from the dry ice.
  1, mold cleaning industry
  Tire mold, rubber mold, polyurethane mold, polyethylene mold, PET mold, foam mold, injection mold, die-casting mold, casting with hot and cold core boxes, can remove Yu Shuzhi, failure of release layer, carbonized film, oil, open the vent, after cleaning the mold bright.
  Dry ice cleaning without cooling and removing mold, avoid corrosion and damage, chemical cleaning method of mold mechanical cleaning method to mold mechanical damage and scratches, and repeated loading and unloading mould precision down lead to shortcomings. The key is to remove the two most time-consuming steps to remove the mold and wait for the mold to cool down, thus reducing downtime by about 80%-95%.
  Dry ice cleaning benefits: dry ice cleaning can reduce the shutdown time; to reduce the damage of equipment; high temperature cleaning effective equipment; reduce solvent use; improve the safety of staff; improve maintenance efficiency; reduce production downtime, reduce cost and improve production efficiency.
  2, petrochemical power
  Clean the main fan, air compressor, flue gas turbine, steam turbine, blower and other kinds of heating furnace, reactor and other coking carbon removal. Cleaning for PVC resin heat exchanger, compressor, boiler, storage tank, remove all kinds of pressure vessels on oil, rust, hydrocarbon and surface dirt, clean up the reactor, condenser, complex body decontamination, furnace ash etc.. The electric boiler, condenser, heat exchanger cleaning; direct transformer, the indoor and outdoor insulators, wire and cable distribution cabinet and live load (37KV) cleaning; generator, motor, stator, rotor and other components without damage cleaning; steam turbine, turbine impeller blade, etc. parts rust, hydrocarbon and adhesive powder cleaning, without removing the blade, eliminating the dynamic balance to adjust the blade.
  Dry ice cleaning benefits: the pollutants be cleaned effectively decomposition; because these contaminants are cleared to reduce power loss; reduce the maintenance costs of external equipment and infrastructure; improve the reliability of power system; non abrasive cleaning, maintain the integrity of the insulator; more suitable for preventive maintenance.
  3, food, pharmaceutical industry
  The oven can be successfully removed from the baking residue, colloidal substances and greasy dirt, as well as a mixture of raw products before baking. Effective cleaning oven, mixing equipment, conveyor belt, mold products, packaging equipment, frame, boiler plate, container, roller, freezer, biscuits and other equipment grate wall.
  The benefits of using dry ice cleaning: remove harmful chemicals, avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and production equipment to produce second garbage; fiction or get rid of Salmonella, bacteria Lister and other bacteria, disinfection, thoroughly clean; remove water cleaning of electronic equipment damage; minimal equipment decomposition; reduce downtime.
  4, printing industry
  It is difficult to remove ink, and the ink on the gear and guide lead to poor printing quality. Dry ice cleaning can remove various oil-based and water-based ink and varnish, cleaning gear, guide and nozzle oil, ink and dye, avoid hazardous waste solution and emissions, and hazardous solvent injuries.
  5. Automobile and shipping industry
  Cleaning doors, hood, roof, car, car, oil and other water stains will not lead to water pollution; automobile carburetor cleaning and surface removal of paint, etc., to clear the engine carbon deposition. If dealing with carbon deposition, use chemicals for a long time, at least more than 48 hours, and the medicine is harmful to human body. Dry ice cleaning can solve the problem of carbon deposition within 10 minutes, which saves time and costs, and the rate of descaling is 100%. Ship hull, sea suction valve, sea water condenser and heat exchanger; engine room, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc., more clean than high-pressure water jet cleaning.
  6. Electronics and nuclear industry
  Cleaning robot, automation equipment, internal oil and dirt; integrated circuit board, welding flux, coating resin, solvent pollution, coating, protective layer and printed circuit board on the photosensitive corrosion agent to remove.
  Cleaning equipment if the nuclear industry with water, sand or chemical cleaning agent and other traditional cleaning methods, water, sand or chemical cleaning agent and other media are also radioactive elements pollution, pollution treatment was two times the medium takes time and money. The use of dry ice cleaning process, dry ice particles are injected directly into the object to be cleaned, instantly sublimation, there is no two pollution problem, need to deal with is just washed with nuclear pollution fouling waste.
  7, aerospace applications
  Missile, aircraft spray painting and assembly pre process; composite mold, special aircraft paint removal; engine product
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