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What are the characteristics of the development of dry ice cleaning in foreign countries?

Dry ice cleaning system used in foreign trade in which, in fact, through the investigation and research in many aspects that dry ice plant dry ice cleaning industry in foreign countries in the application of more mature, and become the main method of decontamination cleaning, has developed a complete set of cleaning system, in recent years the domestic dry ice cleaning there are a lot of business development, to the development of dry ice cleaning industry we must first understand what is the dry ice cleaning. Dry ice factory is the special advantages of dry ice cleaning

Applications of dry ice, refrigeration and packaging

Two major areas of dry ice is mainly used dry ice cold and dry ice pack, using no more dry ice factory: dry ice insulation and high cost, most love Zhiming put dry ice into the toilet, then take a lot out of the fog, he felt very happy. Hurry up, Ben, Huang Xiaoming. They're going publicity. Huang Xiaoming, he also talks about dry ice. Key sources of dry ice both processes is the same, when Huang Xiaoming said I said, the movie Zhiming first girlfriend said. Probably: to buy ice cream, tell the clerk to stay for two hours. Just imagine at home down the toilet.

Application and effect of dry ice in food industry

Application and effect of dry ice in the food industry, some applications and the effects of food grade dry ice in the upscale dishes, food grade dry ice in Zhengzhou dry ice factory is not what strange things, but with the application of dry ice in various industries, the application of dry ice factory in food is ice talent shows itself today. Come and talk about what are the dry ice used in food factory, and then introduces several hotels in the upscale dry ice dishes, absolutely let you have a find everything fresh and new feeling.

What are the hydraulic components?

Which includes hydraulic components, Nanchang grand Gas Co. Ltd. is located in Poyang Lake, known as "Wu Touchuwei, Guangdong and Fujian family court" in the world capital of Jiangxi - Nanchang. Engaged in the wholesale sale of gas for 10 years, professional wholesale liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, high purity acetylene, liquid oxygen, mixed gas, high-purity nitrogen, etc., are welcome to inquire by customers, mobile phone: 13607069596

Special gas used in LED industry

Special gas is field of Optoelectronics and microelectronics, especially the large scale integrated circuit, liquid crystal display, amorphous silicon based thin film solar cell, semiconductor light-emitting device and semiconductor manufacturing process indispensable source material. Its purity and cleanliness directly affect the quality, integration, technical specifications and yield of optoelectronic and microelectronic components, and fundamentally restrict the accuracy and accuracy of the circuits and devices.

Global helium tension

For about a month, concerns about the shortage of helium gas have made art balloon businessman Leon Sorin day and night difficult. He is the operator of Balloons by Sorin, which provides balloons for activities on campus and bars.

Dry air cooling will also be market development

Like solar, wind and other environmental friendly energy, dry air can also be used as a kind of energy and become a new motive force of refrigeration and air conditioning. Xinjiang green Angel Air Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. chief engineer Zhang Xinli of the refrigeration technology for more than 10 years, he said, with cold water to cool down in daily life is common sense, this is actually the foundation of application of evaporative cooling principle.

Standard calibration of gas uniformity

Standard corrected gas is a gas standard substance, and the same as other solid and liquid standard materials, its uniformity is one of the most important basic characteristics. Although a variety of gases with mobility and diffusion capacity is larger, because the configuration standard calibration gas, has several components of gas filled with high pressure in the cylinder, and the molecular weight of each component of the difference, which results in the gas cylinder component distribution is uneven, some may also produce delamination phenomenon.

Don't be afraid of the epidemic situation

During the epidemic, Ningxia Tonghui Gas Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Chongqing Tonghui, won the praises by guaranteeing the supply of customers' products on time and in volume.

The Director of the District People's Congress Yang and the leaders of the District Federation of Trade Unions paid condolences to the company and extended condolences to the representatives of migrant workers and advanced grassroots trade union officials

On the afternoon of January 15, the Municipal People's Congress representative, the Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Hou, the Director of the District People's Congress Yang and the leaders of the District Federation of Trade Unions paid their condolences to the company and extended condolences to the representatives of migrant workers and advanced grass-roots trade union officials.
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