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  Product Name: oxygen oxygen gas
  Molecular formula: O2
  Properties: oxygen is one of the components of air, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Oxygen density is greater than air, and in the standard condition (0 and 101325 MPa), the density is 1.429 g / dl. Method for large-scale production of oxygen is the fractional distillation of liquid air, the compressed air, the oxygen after freezing for bentonite swelling liquid air, because the boiling point of rare gases and nitrogen than low oxygen, after fractionation, the remaining is liquid oxygen, can be stored in high-pressure cylinders. All oxidation and combustion processes require oxygen, such as sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities in the process of steelmaking. When the mixture of oxygen and acetylene is burned, the temperature is up to 3500 degrees, which is used for welding and cutting of steel. Oxygen is needed for glass manufacture, cement production, mineral roasting, and hydrocarbon processing. Liquid oxygen is also used as a rocket fuel, which is cheaper than other fuels. People who work in a hypoxic or hypoxic environment, such as divers and astronauts, are essential for life. But the active state of oxygen, such as OH and H2O2, can cause serious damage to the tissues of the organism. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and eyes is mostly related to this effect.
  Oxygen combines with acetylene to produce oxyacetylene flame used for cutting metals
  Medical oxygen is used for breathing gases in hospital patients, firefighters and divers
  Oxygen is used in the glass industry
  High purity oxygen is used in the electronics industry
  High purity oxygen is used for special instruments
  In the chemical industry, the oxygen used to change the molecular structure, ethylene, propylene, improve the production capacity of chloride process
  In the refining, coal and gas industries, oxygen is used for oil extraction and refining, increasing oil and gas well production and desulfurization
  In the steelmaking industry, oxygen is used to increase the yield and quality of steel
  Oxygen hydrogen together with rocket propellant
  Matters needing attention:
  Attention to oxygen safety, do a good job of earthquake prevention, fire protection, thermal protection, oil control and so on. Oxygen combustion support should be placed in the shade, strictly prohibited access to fireworks and flammable substances; not in the oxygen meter screw on the oil.
  Heavy shock and impact shall be avoided during the use and storage of high purity oxygen cylinders. Carrying cylinders should be light and light unloaded, and special lifting racks or trolleys must be used. It is forbidden to use oxygen bottles such as wire ropes directly. When using and storing, use the railing or support to fix the gas bottle to prevent it from dumping.
  Bottled oxygen products for high-pressure filling gas, the use should be YQY-12, 152X-125 and other oxygen pressure reducer decompression, before use.
  Watch the spherical part of the shoulder of the cylinder carefully before use. In particular, pay attention to the next test time". And in accordance with the requirements of the use of periodic technical inspection of cylinders. No gas cylinders exceeding the time limit for inspection shall be used, and the expired cylinders must be sent to the Department for safety inspection before they can be continued to use.
  Each bottle of gas in use to exhaust gas should be retained in the bottle remaining pressure at 0.5MPa, the minimum shall not be less than 0.25MPa residual pressure, should be closed bottle valve, in order to ensure gas quality and safety.
  Bottled gas products in the transport storage and use should be put in non combustible gas and combustion gas stacked together, not close to the fire and heat, should do not near the fire, not oily wax, not exposure, do not throw, do not hit, no arc or arc in the cylinder body, is strictly prohibited rough handling.
  The temperature of liquid oxygen is as low as -183.0 degrees. Contact with skin can cause severe frostbite of the skin.
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