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Carbon dioxide
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Carbon dioxide

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  Product Name: carbon dioxide, Carbon, dioxide
  Molecular formula: CO2
  Properties: carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, suffocating gas. Carbon dioxide is used in the manufacture of nuclear magnetic resonance, dry ice, penicillin, preserved fish, butter and cheese, ice cream and other, low temperature transportation, fire extinguishing agent, liquid coolant; carbon dioxide used for coolant, welding, casting industry, soft drinks, fire extinguishing agent, carbonate manufacturing, pesticide, oxidation inhibitor, plant growth promoter, fermentation industry, medicine (local anesthesia), sugar industry, glue and animal glue manufacturing etc.. Preservation in semiconductor manufacturing oxidation, diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, vegetables, some inert medium reaction, heat carrier graphite reactor, gas pressure, transportation of flammable liquids of standard gas, calibration gas, on-line instrument of standard gas, special gas mixture.
  Carbon dioxide use:
  1. food and beverages --- carbonated drinks carbonated. As a kind of natural antibacterial substances, carbon dioxide can also be used to extend the shelf life of dairy products, guarantee the taste and texture, reduce the use of natural or artificial preservatives. Other applications include food freezing and cooling, packaging, mixing and mixing, cooling, batching, cooling and transportation, and cold storage during transportation. The solid form of carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice. Many people know that carbon dioxide can be used for food, refrigeration, carbonated drinks and dry ice. But most people do not know it can be used to clean air and water, as well as save trees.
  2. Water treatment. Industrial and municipal wastewater must be neutralized before being discharged to the surrounding environment. Carbon dioxide can replace corrosive acid for alkaline neutralization process. It is safer, more economical, and more controllable than the sulphuric acid system. In addition, downtime is reduced and no labor is needed to treat chemicals. Carbon dioxide is low corrosive, easy to handle and store.
  3. metal working - usually used as a protective gas in welding. The utility model can prevent the atmosphere from polluting the melted weld metal in the gas protection arc welding process.
  4. Plant growth and carbon dioxide systems greatly improve the growth and quality of plants in greenhouses. Increasing gas concentrations can make plants bigger, healthier and faster, especially in winter, which reduces heating costs by around 50%. Carbon dioxide can replace gas generators, save fuel costs and avoid harmful emissions.
  5. pulp and paper carbon dioxide is now being used in many different applications in paper mills aimed at reducing costs and recycling valuable chemicals. The use of carbon dioxide instead of sulfuric acid is a very effective treatment from screen printing ink.
  6. cleaning and solvent extraction, in the near State (31.1oC and 7 trillion and 380 billion bar), carbon dioxide into a general solvent. It can be used to replace HCFC cleaning equipment.
  7. Low temperature cleaning. Carbon dioxide dry ice particles can be used for cleaning after accelerated by compressed air. Non electrical conductivity of carbon dioxide can be safely used for cleaning electrical components. Moreover, it does not wear equipment, does not explode and does not burn.
  8. Fire. Carbon dioxide can be used for flameout and does not damage or contaminate material. Therefore, it can be used to extinguish fire without water, water or water, and with low efficiency.
  Carbon dioxide safety knowledge:
  Carbon dioxide should be sealed in operation. Closed operation, providing good natural ventilation conditions.
  Operators must undergo special training and strictly follow the operating procedures. Prevent gas from leaking into the air in the workplace.
  Remove light and light when handling and prevent damage to cylinder and fittings. Equipped with emergency disposal equipment for leakage.
  Carbon dioxide is a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non burning high pressure gas stored in a gas cylinder. It may cause asphyxia when its content increases, resulting in an oxygen content below 19.5%.
  Equipped with self suction breathing mask.
  Bottled gas products for high-pressure filling gas, when used, should be decompression, decompression before use.
  The gas cylinders on the package are available for use, and the expired cylinders must be sent to the Department for safety inspection before they can be continued.
  Bottled gas products in the transport storage and use should be put in non combustible gas and combustion gas stacked together, not close to the fire and heat, should do not near the fire, not oily wax, not exposure, do not throw, do not hit, no arc or arc in the cylinder body, is strictly prohibited rough handling.
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