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Liquefied gas
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Liquefied gas

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  Product Name: nitric oxide two nitrogen Nitrous oxide
  Alias: nitrous oxide
  Molecular formula: N2O
  Properties: colorless sweet gas, is a kind of oxidant, can support combustion under certain conditions (the same as oxygen, nitrous oxide can be decomposed into oxygen and nitrogen at high temperature), but at room temperature is stable, a slight anesthetic effect, and can cause people to laugh. An oxide of two nitrogen is used with silane to produce a silicon nitride film in the CVD process.
  1. supercritical solvent. Used alone or in combination with oxygen; used as an anaesthetic in dentistry and surgery and obstetrics and gynecology. It can also be used as a preservative, refrigerant, combustion improver, smoke spray agent. The food industry is used as a foaming agent and as a sealant for food. Chemical vapor deposition plasma process for silicon dioxide in electronic industry. The munitions industry is used as a propellant. It can also be used for air tightness inspection, carrier of atomic absorption spectrum and so on. Leak detecting agent, refrigerant, and combustion supporting agent for atomic absorption spectrum.
  2.. This product is used as a medical anesthetic, refrigerant, combustion improver, preservative, smoke injection agent, standard gas and equilibrium gas. It is also used in the emulsification CVD process of semiconductor manufacturing and the nitrogen source of vapor deposited silicon nitride. It can also be used as an oxidation gas for atomic absorption spectrometry.
  3. chemical vapor deposition plasma process for silicon dioxide in electronic industry.
  Two nitrogen oxide storage method (Nitrous Oxide):
  1., should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, warehouse temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Keep away from fire and heat.
  2. shall be stored separately from flammable and combustible materials. Transport according to the provisions of the route, not stop halfway.
  Two nitrogen oxide (Nitrous Oxide) risk overview:
  Risk of explosion through blows, friction, fire, or other sources of fire.
  Contact with combustible material may cause a fire.
  Inhalation harmful.
  Irritating to the eye.
  In case of compression, there is danger of explosion.
  Two nitrogen oxide (Nitrous Oxide) emergency disposal method:
  Emergency treatment of leakage
  Rapid evacuation of contaminated areas, personnel at the top of the wind, and isolation, and strictly restrict access. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and regular work clothes. Cut off the leak as much as possible. Reasonable ventilation and accelerated diffusion. If possible, use immediately. Leak containers should be properly handled, repaired, tested and then used.
  Two, protective measures
  Respiratory protection: generally no special protection is required. Self contact filter mask (semi mask) can be worn at high concentration.
  Eye protection: no special protection is required.
  Body protection: wear general work clothes.
  Hand protection: wear chemical gloves.
  Other: avoid inhalation of high concentrations. Access to tanks, confined spaces, or other high concentration areas must be attended to.
  Three, first aid measures
  Inhalation: quickly escape from the scene to the fresh air. Keep airway clear. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, take artificial respiration immediately. Medical treatment.
  Fire extinguishing method: This product is not flammable. Fire fighters should wear gas masks and full body fire suits. Use fog to keep container cool in the fire. Quickly cut off the gas supply, spray with water, protect the personnel who cut off the gas source, and then choose the appropriate extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire according to the cause of the fire
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