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Carbon monoxide
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Carbon monoxide

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  Product Name: carbon monoxide carbon monoxide
  Molecular formula: CO
  Carbon monoxide at ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non irritating choking gas, the standard condition of carbon monoxide gas density is 1.25g/L, close to the air density (standard condition 1.293g/L). Commonly used in industry gray cylinder packaging, and in the cylinder sprayed with red "carbon monoxide" word, and affixed with flammable, compressed and toxic mark chart, the valve using QF-30C and other anti - screw outlet of the bottle head valve. Carbon monoxide in the air flammable, burning blue flame, the explosion limit in the air is 12.5% ~ 74%.
  Carbon monoxide poisoning and hemoglobin affinity is up to 300 times higher than the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin and carbon monoxide, so easy to combine with hemoglobin hemoglobin loss capacity and role of oxygen, causing brain hypoxia, carbon monoxide poisoning is often difficult to help themselves. Usually said gas poisoning is actually carbon monoxide poisoning.
  The industrial production of carbon monoxide with methanol pyrolysis gas such as carbon monoxide, water producing carbon monoxide, industrial exhaust, yellow phosphorus tail gas of closed calcium carbide furnace gas, converter gas, blast furnace gas, soot gas rich in carbon monoxide purification and recovery of carbon monoxide is a kind of environmental protection efficiency of the mode of production.
  Carbon monoxide under high temperature and high pressure, metal and other metal carbonyl iron chromium nickel reacts with chlorine, combined with the formation of phosgene, combined with metal carbonyl formation of metal carbonyl compounds. Carbon monoxide has a reduction action. When carbon dioxide and copper oxides are mixed at room temperature, carbon monoxide can be oxidized to CO2, and a gas mask is made of this principle. Carbon monoxide is mainly used as fuel, reducing agent, organic synthesis of raw materials, used in the preparation of metal carbonyl sulfur, phosgene, carbon monoxide, formic acid, aromatic aldehyde, benzene six phenol, aluminum chloride, methanol, for hydroformylation, preservation, and preparation for tilapia (synthetic hydrocarbon oil, alcohol (steam) a mixture of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, ethanol, aldehyde, ketones and hydrocarbons), white pigment, alumina film, standard gas, calibration gas, standard gas meter.
  Bottled carbon monoxide is commonly used in the preservation of tilapia and is a good gas color agent for aquatic products.
  Carbon monoxide factory exhaust gas is used to synthesize methanol and so on. It supports the spirit of environmental protection and creates profits.
  Carbon monoxide is used to prepare carbon monoxide standard gas to calibrate carbon monoxide alarms.
  Highly pure carbon monoxide is used in the synthesis of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfumes, and important intermediate chemicals.
  Carbon monoxide, as a reducing gas, is used in metal reduction to purify certain metals.
  Gas as fuel cells.
  Carbon monoxide, used in medical research, can aid in organ transplants.
  Carbon monoxide precautions:
  Bottled carbon monoxide pressure filling gas, should be used with vacuum buck rear, must give the gas pipeline with nitrogen pressure test, leakage test with soap and water before use, the helium pressure leakage test, to ensure that the gas pipeline leak. Work conditions should be kept ventilated and carbon monoxide alarms should be installed. Alarms should be regularly calibrated with standard carbon monoxide gas.
  Moving and handling of carbon monoxide cylinders should take the cylinder cap, the use of dedicated trolleys and moving cylinders, with chains fixed to ensure no damage to the cylinder, the cylinder valve assembly. For long distance transportation, apply for professional gas distributor such as spectrum gas, and transport by dangerous goods vehicle.
  The carbon monoxide gas bottle used for packaging has a fixed number of years. All expired gas cylinders must be sent to the relevant dealers for safety inspection before they can be used continuously.
  Each bottle of gas in use to exhaust gas should be retained in the bottle remaining pressure at 0.5MPa, the minimum shall not be less than 0.25MPa residual pressure, should be closed bottle valve, in order to ensure gas quality and safety.
  Bottled carbon monoxide in the transport storage and use should be strictly classified and piled up, combustible gas and combustion gas stacked together, not close to the fire and heat, should do not near the fire, not oily wax, not exposure, do not throw, do not hit, is strictly prohibited in the cylinder body on carbon monoxide arc or arc, is strictly prohibited rough handling.
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