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  Item name: hydrogen Hydrogen
  Molecular formula: H2
  Properties: hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, flammable and explosive gas, and fluorine, chlorine, oxygen, carbon monoxide and air mixture were in danger of explosion, the mixture of hydrogen and fluorine spontaneous explosion in low temperature and dark environment can be mixed with chlorine, the ratio of 1:1, in the light of can explode. Hydrogen is colorless and odorless, and the flame is transparent when it is burned, so it is difficult to be detected by the senses. In many cases, it is added to the hydrogen in order to sense the senses and to give the flame a color at the same time. Although hydrogen is non-toxic, it is physically inert to the body, but if the hydrogen content in the air increases, it will cause hypoxic asphyxia. As with all cryogenic liquids, direct contact with liquid hydrogen will cause frostbite. Hydrogen spillover and sudden evaporation area can also cause environmental hypoxia, and may form explosive mixtures with air, causing combustion explosion accident. Hydrogen is mainly used in oil refining, fuel gas, oil, oil and other manufacturing hardened margarine, methanol, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, cutting, welding and metal meteorological observation, glass melting, metallurgical industry, coolant (Ye Qing), semiconductor manufacturing, etching gas, gas balance standard gas, gas, zero School of righteousness, thermal oxidation, epitaxy, diffusion, polycrystalline silicon, tungsten, ion implantation, load flow and sintering.
  Hydrogen is the main industrial raw materials, industrial gas is the most important and special gas, is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electronics industry, metallurgical industry, food processing, float glass, fine organic synthesis, aerospace etc.. At the same time, hydrogen is also an ideal two energy source (two energy means the energy that must be produced by a primary energy source, such as solar energy, coal, etc.). In general, hydrogen combines easily with oxygen. This property makes it a natural reducing agent used to prevent oxidation. In the manufacture of high temperature glass processing and the manufacture of electronic microchips, hydrogen is added to the nitrogen protected gas to remove the residual oxygen. In the petrochemical industry, need through hydrogenation and hydrocracking to refine crude oil desulfurization. Another important use of hydrogen is the hydrogenation of fats in margarine, cooking oil, shampoos, lubricants, household detergents and other products. Due to the high hydrogen fuel, hydrogen as fuel used in aerospace industry.
  Major applications and applications:
  1, use
  The accelerator nuclear research, particle bombardment, tracer, can do gas chromatography flame test materials.
  2, application industry
  Petroleum refining, float glass, electronics, food, chemical production, aerospace, automotive industry
  Packaging, storage and transportation:
  1, packing: hydrogen Trailer / bottle set / cylinder
  2, transportation mode: hydrogen storage and transportation in four ways to choose from, namely, gas storage and transportation, liquid storage and transportation, metal hydride storage and transportation and microsphere storage and transportation. At present, there are only three kinds of practical applications, and the methods of storage and transportation of microspheres are still under study.
  3, dangerous characteristics: mixed with the air can form explosive mixture, heat or fire will explode. The gas is lighter than the air, and when it is used and stored in the room, the air leak rises, the roof is hard to be discharged, and when Mars meets, it explodes. Hydrogen reacts violently with halogens such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, etc..
  4, fire extinguishing method: cut off the gas source. If the gas source is not immediately cut off, the burning gas is not allowed to be extinguished. Spray cooling containers and, if possible, move containers from the fire to the open. Fire extinguishing agent: mist, water, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder.
  5, leakage emergency treatment: rapid evacuation of contaminated areas, personnel at the top of the wind, and isolation, and strictly restrict access. Cut off fire source. Recommend emergency handling personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus, wear fire protection clothing. Cut off the leak as much as possible. Reasonable ventilation and accelerated diffusion. If possible, vent the air blower to the open area or install a suitable nozzle to burn it. Leak containers should be properly handled, repaired, tested and then used.
  6, storage and transportation matters needing attention: flammable compressed gas. Store in a cool and airy storage room. The temperature in the warehouse shall not exceed 30 degrees centigrade. Keep away from fire and heat. Keep the sun from direct sunlight. Should be stored with oxygen, compressed air, halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine), oxidants and so on. Avoid mixing, storing and mixing. Storage room lighting, ventilation and other facilities should be explosion-proof type, switch is located outside the warehouse, equipped with the corresponding varieties and quantities of fire equipment. Prohibit the use of sparks of machinery, equipment, tools. Acceptance should pay attention to the name of goods, pay attention to the date of inspection bottles, the first use of advanced warehouse. Remove light and light when handling and prevent damage to cylinder and fittings.
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